Niche Specialist Roles

1.End-user specialist (value added reseller-Software for specific customer)
2.Vertical-level specialist (Distribution value chain-A copper firm may concentrate on producing copper, copper components)
3.Customer size specialist (Small, medium or large size of customers)
4.Specific customer specialist(B2B)
5.Geographic Specialist
6.Product or Product-line specialist (A firm may produce only lenses for microscope)
7.Product feature specialist (A firm specializes in producing a certain type of product feature)
8.Job-shop specialist (The firm customizes its product for individual customer
9.Quality Price specialist (The firm operates at the low or high-quality ends of the market)
10.Service specialist (a Bank that takes loan request over phone and hand deliver money to the customer)
11.Channel Specialist (The firm specialises in serving only one channel of distribution- exmp. A soft-drink company decides to make a very large-sized soft drink available only for gas station)